lenght Sensors

The length transducer measures length of a linear movement with a wire in a loop around it’s measuring wheel.

The wires both ends has to be mounted with a fixed distance between them.
Normally used as a length sensor, measuring the drilled depth on drilling rigs. Attached to the cradle.
The transducer has 2 connectors for the CAN-Open communication including power supply and one connector with 2 digital inputs.

022736 has the termination resistor built in. Therefore only one CAN-Open connector.
Technical data

Supply voltage                                10 – 30 VDC
Power supply                                 <100mA
Measurement wheel                     Diameter 40.0mm
Digital inputs                                  2
Type                                                  Signal 1: Active high/
                                                           Signal 2: Active low
Bus Connection                              CANOpen (ISO11896)
Nod ID                                              Default 1
Housing                                           Steel housing, zinc plated
Mounting                                         2 * M6 screws
CAN-bus                                          Standard M12 A-code plug,   5 pin                                                             Male/Female
Digital Input                                  Standard M12 A-code plug,   4 pin                                                             Male
Operating temp.                           -40  -  +70°C
Protection                                      IP67