CMX is our new instrument family. A Master control unit with built-in Wifi network. You connect to this network with your remote device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.), on this device you have installed our app. When the app is running, you can see drilling angle, drilling length and penetration speed. With the remote display mounted on your radio control box, you can see all the changes in real time.
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Specification (Master unit)
  • Measurement range side angle: ±60°
  • Inclination angle: ±60°
  • Accuracy all transducer better than ±0,2°
  • Hole length measurement range 0 – 99,9m
  • Hole length measurement accuracy ±1%
  • Penetration rate measurement range 0 – 9,99m/min
  • Power supply 10-30 VDC, 0,2A
  • Working temperature -20° – +50° Celsius
  • IP65
The advantage of remote display mounted on the radio control box really comes into its own in bad terrain.
Home screen when drilling. Available with logging if desired.
Graphic display for navigation if desired.