Encoder / rotary sensor

The boom joint transducer measures a non gravity depended angular movement.
Endless 360° movement range.

The transducer has 2 connectors for the CAN-Open communication including power supply.
The device is built to be used in harsh environment where high accuracy is needed.

Normally used in a system together with other  transducers to form a complete angle measuring instrument.
Technical data
Supply voltage:                          10 – 30 VDC
Power supply:                            <100mA
Measurement range:                360°
Accuracy Better than:              ±0,25°
Special version  Better than:  ±0,1°
Special version:                         Reinforced bearings for large radial                                                          forces
Resolution:                                 ±0,001°
Bus Connection:                        CANOpen
Housing:                                     Steel housing, zinc plated
Mounting:                                   2* M6 screws
Shaft:                                           Connection plate for multiple                                                                      connection possibilities.
Connection:                                Standard M12 A-code plug,   5 pin                                                              Male/Female       
Operating temp:                       -40  -  +70°C
Protection:                                  IP67