Inclinator 2r

Inklinator type 2R measures side and inclination angles which makes it possible to drill in predesignated directions (inclinations).
The advantage of this instrument is considerable as it gives less drill meters per ton of rock, lower consumption of explosives, as well as reduced time for alignment, etc.
* Small size
* Good accuracy
* Easy to read
* Easy to mount
* Cost effective
Technical specification
Measuring range side angle: ±30°
Measuring range inclination angle ±30°
Accuracy better than ±0.3°
Power supply: 12-32 VDC, 0.2 A
* Turn the sight against an aiming point.
* Adjust the feeder to the drill angles.
* Mount the instrument on the feeder where it is easy to read.
* Connect the power supply.
* Set the instrument to zero by applying a magnet to the Z.