Inclinator cmi bench wifi

The CMI Wifi is a Master control unit with built in Wifi network. You connect to this network with your remote device (mobile phone, tablet etc), on this device you have installed our application. When the application is running you can see drilling angle, drill length and penetration rate. With the remote control mounted onto your radio control box you can see all changes in real time.
Specification (Master unit)
-Measurement range side angle: ±60°
-Inclination angle: ±60°
-Accuracy all transducer better than ±0,2°
-Hole length measurement range 0 – 99,9m
-Hole length measurement accuracy ±1%
-Penetration rate measurement range 0 – 9,99m/min
-Power supply 24 VDC, 0,2A
-Working temperature -20° – +50° Celsius
We have a Remote display that we recommend for this application:
It´'s an Android mobile phone that is very tough and not sensitive to water.
The phone kit includes: Phone, charger 230VAC, car and drill rig charger, mounting bracket and app.