We at Transtronic, in October 2021, have been awarded Excellent and Best in Customer Satisfaction!  
Supportföretaget TMJ Group, an industry leader specializing in innovative client satisfaction surveying, delivered these results for immediate implementation throughout the organization. In October of 2021 Transtronic received the highest possible client satisfaction rating ever earned via Supportföretaget's surveys - in any industry.
That study sets the bar high for us as a business; we will follow up on and implement change in any areas of development revealed by the survey. Through consistency, we can guarantee that you, our customer, will remain the center of our focus as we grow and evolve. You can feel confident that all feedback we received in these studies is presented to our leadership, our board of directors, and staff for immediate implementation into our development plans. Our clients remain fully anonymous during the survey process; just so, the results are collected and presented in a way that allows us to share insight into your thoughts and goals. With this unique interview technique, where feedback from every participant carries weight and value, we are afforded the opportunity to always be improving our practices. Thank you for helping us be better. You, our clients, are the most important thing we have!
The customer satisfaction rating is derived from 10 essential questions and is presented as an all-encompassing rating on a scale of 0-100.
A customer satisfaction badge is awarded for any rating that falls in the categories below:
Satisfaction rating   50-65 = Good
Satisfaction rating   >65-75 = Very good
Satisfaction rating   >75 = Excellent
For more information on Supportföretaget’s customer satisfaction ratings, contact: Tove Åkerman-Stenman, tove@supportforetaget.se